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KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified postings of BS-20 and BS-19 officers of Pakistan Customs Service (PCS). On joining, Ashhad Jawwad (BS-20) is posted as Chief (Tariff & Trade). On joining, Ch. Muhammad Javed (BS-20) is posted as Chief (F&C). Muhammad Saleem (BS-20) is moved from the office of Chief (F&C) to the office of Chief (Legal-Customs). On joining, Muhammad Jamil Nasir (BS-20) is posted as Chief (PAC-Customs). On joining, Muhammad Iqbal Muneeb (BS-19) is posted as Chief-OPS (Exports & Exemptions). Fayaz Rasool Maken (BS-19) is moved from the office of Chief-Ops (Exports & Exemptions) to the office of Chief-OPS (International Customs). [the_ad id="32940"]
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