AFU Lahore seizes 7.0kg heroin

LAHORE: The Air Freight Unit (AFU) of MCC Preventive Lahore foiled a bid to smuggle contraband abroad and seized 7.0kg of heroin worth Rs140 million.

Information was passed on by Collector of Customs (Preventive), Lahore Ahmad Rauf, about attempt for smuggling heroin from Air Freight Unit, Lahore. In pursuance of above information, Additional Collector Customs (AFU), Tayyeba Kiyyani, directed the staff of Customs to be more vigilant.

Accordingly, the staff intercepted an export shipments of bed sheets, which was being exported to M/s Orbit Euro Limited, London by M/s Bismillah Enterprises, Lahore.

On checking, 14 plastic bags of heroin each weighing 500 grams were detected, which were concealed in the bed sheets. Total weight of recovered heron is 7 kilograms. The value of recovered heroin in international market is Rs140 million. Heroin has been seized and FIR lodged accordingly.[the_ad id=”31605″]

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