Deyaar Development posts 7.7pc profit growth |

Deyaar Development posts 7.7pc profit growth

DUBAI: Deyaar Development PJSC has announced a net profit of AED 140 million for the year ended December 31, 2018, which is 7.7 percent higher than the profit of AED 130 million in 2017.

The principal activities of Deyaar Development PJSC and its subsidiaries (together, "the Group") are property investment and development, leasing, facility and property management services.

Revenue of the Deyaar Development Group for the year 2018 is AED 644 million (2017: AED 752 million) and net profit amounted to AED 140 million (2017: AED 130 million).

The Group aims to provide comprehensive, long solutions that enhances the value of property investments. During the year, the Group's non-current assets portfolio held for capital appreciation and revenue generation has increased by AED 129.7 million.

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