Pakistan’s electricity generation down by 2.7 percent in January

KARACHI: Pakistan’s overall electricity generation witnessed a decline of 2.7 percent YoY to 7,764 GWh during January 2019, as compared to 7,982 GWh January 2018.

Gas based generation took a dip of 8.0 percent YoY to 1,709 GWh during January 2019. “The decline in generation was witnessed due to 18 percent, 8 percent and 33 percent YoY decline in generation of Engro Powergen, Foundation Power and Habibullah, respectively. In addition to this, Fauji Kabirwala and Altern generated zero electricity in January 2019. However, generation of Uch-II increased by 2.0 percent YoY,” Rao Aamir Ali at Arif Habib Limited said.

The fuel cost surged 20 percent to Rs7.3/kWh, a 4-year high. Hydel based generation has decreased by 21 percent YoY to 478 GWh during January 2019; this has increased the total cost of generation. Solar based generation also declined by 21 percent YoY to 43 GWh compared with 55 GWh in same month last year.

Furnace oil based generation increased by 6.0 percent YoY to 1,722 GWh. Average cost of generation on FO remained Rs13.9/KWh which is 34 percent YoY higher from January 2018. “The rise in FO based cost is backed by 20 percent YoY rise in average FO prices. We also highlight that FO has the highest weight in total cost rise; 78 percent (Rs0.96/KWh) rise in fuel cost has been contributed by FO based generation,” Rai Aamir said.

Coal based cost of generation also increased by 31 percent YoY to Rs6.8/KWh. Coal contributed 43 percent (Rs0.53/KWh) in total fuel cost rise compared to January 2018.

The country did not produce any unit of electricity on HSD in January 2018 but produced 12 GWh in January 2019. The cost of HSD based generation is the highest among all the available sources of generation.

Decline in RLNG based generation negatively contributed to total fuel cost rise (-25 percent). The share of RLNG in generation declined to 15 percent compared to 20 percent in January 2018. However, the cost of RLNG based generation has increased to Rs10.6/KWh, up 14 percent.

During seven months (July-January 2018-19) power generation witnessed an increase of 4.0 percent YoY.

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