Air France planning to resume operations to Pakistan

KARACHI: Air France is planning to resume its services to Pakistan, just like British Airways, says Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Friday.
Air France had ended passenger flights to Karachi in winter 1994 and cargo services in summer 2001as an aftermath of May 8 bombing in Karachi in which 11 Frenchmen were killed.
“Pakistan is a country on the move and is looked upon favorably in the comity of nations. It has rebuilt and strengthened relations with its traditional friends and allies. Pakistan is a country that stands for peace and would undertake efforts to foster peace between friends and neighbors,” the Minister said.
It may be mentioned here British Airways will resume flights to Pakistan from June this year.
In September 2008,¬†British Airways had suspended all its flights to Pakistan¬†“for an indefinite period” citing security concerns in the aftermath of the Marriott Hotel bombing that claimed more than 50 lives and injured more than 250 people.
Federal Minister said Pakistan stands ready to be a hub of commerce, trade and foreign investment. A major step in this direction is the over hauling of the visa regime wherein nationals of more than a dozen countries would be given visa on arrival.

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