US taxpayers face bitter surprise after Trump's tax cuts

US taxpayers face bitter surprise after Trump’s tax cuts

Some taxpayers are getting a bitter surprise this year as their usual annual tax refunds have shrunk -- or turned into tax bills -- even though the President Donald Trump loudly promised them largest tax cut "in American history." And with tax season underway, thousands of unhappy taxpayers have been venting their displeasure on Twitter, using hashtags like #GOPTaxscam, and some threatened not to vote for Trump again. "Lowest refund I have ever had and I am 50 yrs old. No wall and now this tax reform sucks too!!" a woman going by "Speziale-Matheny" wrote from the crucial political swing state of Florida. "Starting to doubt Trump. I voted for him and trusted him too." During the year, American wage earners see a portion of each paycheck withheld as income tax, and many then receive a refund the following year if they have overpaid the federal government. That cash boost eagerly awaited each year, and used to help pay off debt or make large more [the_ad id="31605"]
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