Home textile showrooms, warehouses recommended at Port Antwerp to tap European market

KARACHI: The Commercial Section, Embassy of Belgium, has recommended opening showrooms and warehouses for home textiles at Port Antwerp in Brussels, which is the second largest port in Europe and generates massive economic activity for inland transit of goods to many European countries.

“Belgium is an important economic hub because of its location, allowing massive inland transit of goods through Port of Antwerp. Commercial Section may assist industrial clusters in opening showrooms and warehouses in leased or rental buildings for home textiles,” a report on home textiles noted.

Pakistan is ranked amongst the largest producer and exporter of cotton yarn and cloth in the world. Textile sector is the largest industrial sector and earns about 60 percent of export earnings and employs more than 40 percent of the labor force.

Statistics show that the main driver of the exports growth is the value-added textile products especially ready-made garments, knitwear, bed wear and cotton fabrics. Hence making Pakistan’s textile sector competitive in the European markets vis-à-vis its competitors such as China, India, France, The Netherlands, and Turkey etc.

In case of Europe, Pakistan’s home textiles make up for almost 25 percent of total exports to the European Union.

The report notes that Pakistan’s exporters need to comply with the regulations and requirements of the European Union. “There is a need to sensitize the exporters about the potential for textiles exports under GSP Plus scheme. Ministry and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) may consider organizing seminars along with the support of chambers and trade associations,” report said.

Moreover, intensive publicity campaigns and brand promotion events for textile related products can help in creating a brand identity for Pakistani products. The report notes the Emerging Pakistan brand initiative can help trade missions abroad in organizing promotional events for facilitating market access and marketing of Pakistani products in international markets.

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