Regulatory duty on export of copper scrap, lead scrap and products removed

KARACHI: The Revenue Division, Ministry of Finance has removed Regulatory Duty (RD) on export of certain goods produced from material imported under the facility of Duty & Tax Remission Scheme (DTRE) or the manufacturing bond scheme.

Finance Division issued SRO No. 192(I)/2019 notifying amendments in SRO No. 645(I)/2019 exempting regulatory duty (RD) of 25 percent earlier imposed on exports of certain goods.

These goods include waste and scrap of copper (7404.0090), unwrought lead (78.01), ferrous and non-ferrous waste and scrap of lead (78.02), lead plates, sheets, strip and foil, lead powder and flakes (78.04), lead bars, rods profiles and wire (78.06). [the_ad id=”31605″]


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