Prince Charles Launches $100m Fund For Women Empowerment, Education

England’s king-in-waiting, Charles, Prince Of Wales, on Tuesday launched a $100 million fund that will help women in South Asia achieve greater access to education, health and aid the global goals of women empowerment.

The fund for women empowerment will be a trick mix of venture capital and financial innovation, and offer more than financial returns to investors. The fund plans to use money from investors to give approximately 500,000 women and girls greater access to better education, jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in the next five years.

The investors will get returns of two types: a percentage gain plus the return of principal funding, as well as the opportunity to achieve the funding organization or individual’s corporate-social-responsibility goals.

British Asian Trust Chief Executive Richard Hawkes told Bloomberg that investors wanted more than financial motivation. “Globally, a growing number of investors are no longer driven by financial return alone. There’s increasing recognition of a blended return — both financial and social,” he said…read more

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