How brains of Pakistan manage the corporate world |

How brains of Pakistan manage the corporate world

Witness empowering, nurturing and rewarding human capital practically in letter and spirit. Discover values inspiring trust, building relationships and driving growth pragmatically towards corporate excellence. Observe enlightening management practices of pioneering insights and initiatives on brain and hearts driven work commitment rather than ritualistically binding time-in and time-out attendance machines.

Managing the magnanimous is the mastermind Syed Khalid Ali, vying and hailing himself to be a product of Pakistan and a proud Pakistani respectively,  now CEO of AlBatha Group of Companies, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

His first corporate brainchild, as an innovative forward-looking CEO, was replacing time attendance system of fingerprint and biometric attendance machines because responsibility, efficiency and productivity, he asserts, is more important than merely the stereotypical physical presence of employees.
CEO, Syed Khalid Ali, explains why Gulf International is a leader in distribution industry and provides “One Window Business Solutions” to all business partners in GCC predominantly the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), which contributes approximately 70 percent of GDP in the region. He believes in empowering, grooming and appreciating employees instilling in them courage, liberty and motivation towards corporate excellence. 
He encourages equal employment opportunities and shared how Gulf International’s KSA office hires people with special needs into training programs.
He shared three pertinent indices including price, brand and quality index and that his emphasis is to work in harmony with business partners to formulate strategies based on these indices. His focus is for Gulf International’s employees to learn precise skills in overcoming corporate challenges.
Breaking away from the straight and narrow system of nagging supervision and distracting checks and controls of the set and standard managerial techniques, Syed Khalid Ali’s bold and daring initiatives of reposing trust, confidence, independence and responsibility of the employees have paid rich dividends to AlBatha Group of Companies with such prestigious and popular brands as Johnson and Johnson, Henkel, Lindt and Sprungli, Carnation Evaporated Milk, Hero Jam and Hero Baby, Yardley London, Al Areesh, Arctic Gold, Koki Frozen Foods, Old Spice, Parker, Sun Quick and Sun Top, Ovaltine, Del Monte, Isostar, Home Pride, Bee Natural, AG Barr-Irn Bru, Jomara Dates (Bateel), Crème 21, Belo, Star, Glenda, Amara, American Garden, Diamond Foll, Dalda, Minara, Hi-Tea, Mamee, Dawaat, Koki Frozen Foods and so on. As such, AlBatha Group of Companies’ secret of success, amid the illuminating guidance and directives of Syed Khalid Ali, a CEO of unparallel, result-oriented and positive vim, vigor and vitality and a practical example of how brains of Pakistan manage the corporate world, lies in prioritizing employee trust, confidence and empowerment on the one hand, and addressing customer needs, demand and satisfaction on the other. 
The author, Parvez Jamil, has wide and varied experience in media  management, social advocacy and corporate communication. He has over 1000 human-interest articles published in print and social media. He is HoD and Senior Faculty Public Affairs at IoBM, Karachi, Pakistan. He can be reached at
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