Superintendent SIU writes about Additional/Assistant Directors SIU working against national interest

KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation has received a complaint against the officers of the Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation for illegally interfering in the working of SIU and protecting the culprits.
Sources confirmed to that Superintendent SIU Dost Muhammad has submitted a complaint mentioning that sensitive and classified information was being leaked to tax evaders. [the_ad id=”31605″]Dost Muhammad is known to be a very competent and honest officer. After his appointment as Superintendent Special Intelligence Unit (SIU) of Customs Intelligence & Investigation, Dost Muhammad has detected two mega scams of money laundering and tax evasion under the garb of import of steel sheets in KEPZ and TP consignments for Lahore, in a short period of time.
Dost Muhammad in his complaint mentioned that the mastermind of KEPZ mega scam involving billions of rupees namely Muhammad Abdullah was arrested by ASO of Customs Intelligence & Investigation, which was accordingly conveyed to the Court. Despite the fact that Abdullah was wanted in several cases and was arrested in a fresh case, the Additional Director SIU released him while Dost Muhammad was in Court.
Dost Muhammad has raised questions on the integrity and sincerity of his supervisory officers towards issues of national interest. It may be mentioned here that Dost Muhammad is also receiving threats and his movements are being monitored.
It is also mentioned in the complaint that due to the above mentioned reasons, Dost Muhammad left the charge of Superintendent SIU, as he was unable to focus on his lawful responsibilities.
Dost Muhammad mentioned that M/s Zubair Steel, M/s Steel Vision Pvt Ltd, M/s Royal Impex Pvt Ltd and M/s Muhammad Rizwan & Brothers are misusing the KEPZ facility and running a mega scam running into billions of rupees in nexus with concerned Customs officers at KEPZ and Customs Intelligence & Investigation.
It may be mentioned here that Assistant Director Dr. Zohaib during his posting at KEPZ was involved in illegal clearance of consignments at KEPZ on the basis of fake and fabricated documents. Dr. Zohaib has been leaking sensitive intelligence to the culprits and trying to sabotage SIU cases.
Dost Muhammad has submitted before the Directorate General of Customs Intelligence & Investigation that necessary action may be initiated against Additional Director and Assistant Director SIU for their illegal working against the national interest. He also requested that SIU may be taken out of the jurisdiction of the above mentioned officers and a joint investigation team (JIT) may be formed involving NAB, ISI, MI, FIA and SBP to properly investigate the matter.

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