MCC Port Qasim reshuffles Appraising Officers |

MCC Port Qasim reshuffles Appraising Officers

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has notified transfers and postings of Appraising Officers within the Collectorate. Muhammad Umar Makki is moved from Group-II, Law Branch and assigned Group-V and Audit (internal/external). Muhammad Raheel is moved from Group-II, Recovery Cell and assigned Examination (MTO) and Audit. Aamir Shuja is moved from Group-IV, Recovery Cell, Audit and assigned Group-II and Law Branch. Noor Elahi Khan is moved from Group-IV and Audit and assigned Group-VII, and Audit (internal/external). S.M Fawad is moved from Group-V, Law Branch and assigned Group-VI and Audit (internal/external). Malik Shahid Iqbal is moved from Group-V and assigned Examination (QICT). Fazl-e-Kareem is moved from Group-VI, Audit (internal/external) and assigned Group-IV, Audit (internal/ external). Saddar Zaman is moved from Group-VII, Audit (internal/ external) and assigned Group-IV, Recovery Cell and Refund cases. M. Ibrahim Kurd is moved from Examination QICT and assigned Examination MTO. Zubair Ali is moved from Examination (Bulk, Bond & Auction) and assigned¬†Examination (Bulk, Bond & Auction) and Group-IV. Sabir Ali is moved from Group-IV to Group-II. Noor Muhammad Kalwar is moved from Group-IV, B.G, FTA Cell and assigned Group-V and Law Branch.  
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