Appraising Officer Qasim Shaikh fare welled

KARACHI: Appraiser Qasim Shaikh has retired after a service of 37 years. He was appointed in July 1982 as an Examiner. During his service Qasim Shaikh got only one promotion and was promoted to Appraiser in June 2002. Qasim Shaikh has a very clean record.

It may be mentioned here that when a protest against Abdul Rasheed Shaikh’s interference and questionable directives was stages, Qasim Shaikh was one of them. Subsequently, as a punishment he was transferred from MCC Appraisement West to AFU. His farewell party was held at AFU, which was attended by Additional Collector Sanaullah Abro, Deputy Collectors Shoaib Raza, Akbar Jan and several retired officials along with a large number of AFU employees.

Another farewell party has been organized for Qasim Shah at MCC Appraisement West, where Collector MCC Appraisement West appreciated the service of Qasim Shah. A record number of officials attended the party.

Qasim Shaikh thanked his colleagues and said that his department was actually Appraisement West and expressed happiness that his colleagues remembered him. He said the Customs should understand the concept trade facilitation i.e. guiding and helping traders so that they would not commit mistakes, while there should be no pardon for deliberate attempts of fraud.



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