FBR notifies procedure for clearance of imported betel nut

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has notified the mechanism for clearance of consignments of imported betel nut.
Accordingly, with mutual consent of Department of Plant Protection (DPP) and importers, testing laboratory will be selected from the list of approved laboratories/companies as contained in Import Policy Order.
The inspection report of these laboratories/companies will be admissible for the clearance of the imported shipment of betel nut.
Commerce Division will incorporate necessary amendments in the Import Policy Order to allow pre-shipment inspection (PSI) of food items including betel nut.
The pre-shipment inspection (PSI) will be undertaken by already recognized labs mentioned in the Import Policy Order.
Import permit will be issued by Department of Plant Protection (DPP) within 48 hours on receipt of application.
The mechanism notified above was agreed between FBR and Commerce Division. [the_ad id=”31605″]

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