Petitions about Regulatory Duty adjourned till Feb 07 |

Petitions about Regulatory Duty adjourned till Feb 07

KARACHI: A customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and Justice Abdul Malik Gaddi on Wednesday adjourned hearing of a number of indentical petitions pertaining to imposition of Regulatory Duty (RD) till Jan 07. The adjournment came as the newly appointed Additional Attorney General was not in attendance. He will replace Salman Talibuddin who assumed post of Advocate General Sindh. Franklin Law Associates is representing majority of the petitioners. The petitioner side rely on judgment in Mustafa Imex case where in court has ruled that only Parliament or cabinet can impose a new tax while Minister Incharge has no powers to take such a decision on his own in his capacity of Federal Finance Minister. The petitioners maintain that Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has no role in levy of a new tax. The petitioners also seek refund of RD deposited by them but later apex court ordered refund of money to the petitioners.
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