Emirates to drastically cut Pakistan operations in 2019

KARACHI: The Emirates has announced to cut its operations on a massive scale in Pakistan for 2019.

The airline, in its email, informed that to meet global demands for travelers it has decided to change the schedule in Pakistan resulting in drastic cuts of flights to several major cities.

The ‘operational adjustments for 2019’ will be applicable from the second quarter, it added.

Following schedule for Emirates will apply for all operations across Pakistan.

Dubai-Sialkot: Emirates has also suspended its daily service for the city-Flydubai will continue services

Dubai-Peshawar flights will serve the destination as present

Dubai-Lahore flights will be cut down to 9 from 10 in a week

Dubai-Karachi flights will be reduced from 35 to 23 per week

Dubai-Islamabad flights will be cut to 7 per week from 11. [the_ad id=”31605″]

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