ISLAMABAD: Adviser to PM on Establishment, Mohammad Shehzad Arbab has underscoredthe need for early completion of appointment of CEOs and heads of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

He also advised sponsoring ministries and divisions to turn around these enterprises while ensuring efficiency in governance and decision making, Press Information Department (PID) reported.

The advisor said this while charing a high level meeting at PM office to review progress so far made by various ministries and divisions in appointment of CEOs of their respective SOEs.

The Advisor was tasked by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and cabinet to oversee the recruitment process of heads of SOEs to ensure transparency and competence as per Prime Minister’ vision in these organizations.

Earlier all the miniseries and divisions were given clear timelines for filling the vacant positions of CEOs in the SOEs. The meeting was attended by secretaries and senior officials from the ministries and divisions of Cabinet, Establishment, Commerce, Industries & Production, Information Technology & Telecommunication, Maritime Affairs, Health, Power, Science & Technology, Petroleum, Aviation, Religious Affairs, and Inter-Provincial Coordination.

Duringthe meeting, the Advisor was informed about the progress made and the issues being faced by various ministries and divisions in appointment on vacant posts of CEOs in prioritized 27 State-owned enterprises. The advisor emphasised the importance of quick and earlier completion of recruitment process without compromising the values of transparency and merit with the aim to harness the most qualified and competent leadership in these enterprises.

With an objective to expedite and shorten the appointment process, the meeting decided that Secretary Cabinet will circulate the Cabinet decision that authorizes the sponsoring ministry/division to go ahead with their appointment process at senior / executive level if no response is received after 07 days from Establishment Division.

The Establishment Division will share its surplus pool list with other ministries and divisions in order to facilitate selection of appropriate human resource. The advisor directed that all ministries and divisions must frame their advertisements in such a manner that talented and deserving experts may be able to trust and apply in recruitment process.

The ministries were advised to share the updated information with the focal person in Establishment Division. A follow up meeting will be scheduled within a month to review progress on recruitment process.