SHC issue notices to major shipping lines in recovery suit

KARACHI: Justice Junaid Ghaffar of High Court of Sindh ordered issuance of notices to all major shipping lines operating in Pakistan in a suit for recovery filed by Messers Euro Tiles for Jan 14.

The defendants include Chairman, FBR. APL Pakistan Pvt ltd, Cosco Shipping Lines Pakistan , Green Pakistan Shipping Pvt ltd, CMA Com Pakistan Pvt Ltd, Maersk Pakistan Pvt ltd, UASAC Pakistan Pvt Ltd, OOCL Pakistasn, Collectorate of Customs Preventive.

According to detail, the plaintiff filed a suit for recovery as the defendant shipping lines fails to return the security deposit lying with them after defendant no 1 (FBR) levied Regulatory Duty (RD) on imports.

The plaintiff/importer was ordere by a bench of SHC to deposit the differential amount for release of imported consignments. As imposition of RD was declared null and void, the defendant shipping companies were required to issue waivers and to return the money of importers along-with delay detention certificates.

As the defendants failed to do so, the plaintiff filed the instant suit for recovery. The amount recoverable runs into millions of rupees.

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