Custom House employees to get 40% discount on health tests

KARACHI: Preventive Service Officers Association has signed an MoU with Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre, according to which the laboratory would provide health test facility on 40 percent discount.

All Custom House employees including third party employees assigned to Custom House will be facilitated by the laboratory.

Dr. Essa Laboratory would provide 40% Discount on Routine Test, 40% Discount on Special Test, 40% Discount on X-Rays, 40% Discount on Ultra Sound, 40% Discount on PCR, 40% Discount on MRI, 40% Discount on CT scan, 40% Discount on Physiotherapy, 40% Discount on Dentistry.

Mian Iqbal Javaid of Preventive Service Officers Association signed the agreement, and it is due to his efforts that this agreement was signed.

Friends & family of Custom House employees shall also be facilitated for the health test on 40% discount if accompanied by Custom House, Karachi (Including MCC Appraising, East & West, Export Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, PCA, Afghan Transit, Valuation, IOCO, IPR & Adjudication Collectorate/Directorate etc ) employee showing his/her employee card.

The candidate will collect their report by self from reception. Both Hyderabad and Karachi branches of Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Center will facilitate Custom House employees. Loyalty card holders can also avail Cash Discount Services on health tests. Dr. Essa Lab will provide approximately 20,000 flyers quarterly to be sent with Loyalty Cards to Custom House customers.

Dr. Essa Lab will provide details of Custom House employees & Loyalty Card holders who will use Laboratory services to Custom House Team on a monthly basis.

 Custom House has the right to use Dr. Essa Lab’s name/logo for marketing purposes after taking consent from Laboratory officials. Custom House will not be responsible for any type of fraud and/or liability of its employees / loyalty card holders.

The term of this agreement is for the period of one year commencing from the Effective Date. Any renewal term shall be mutually agreed by the parties in writing. Either party may terminate this agreement without cause at any time subject to giving at least thirty (30) days’ prior written notice of such termination to the other party.

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