Customs Intelligence seizes heroin powder

Customs Intelligence Peshawar seizes 12kg heroin powder

PESHAWAR: Under instructions from Dr. Arslan Subuctageen, Director, Intelligence and Investigation-FBR, Peshawar, the campaign against smuggling of narcotics is in full swing. Aninformation was received to the effect that a sizeable quantity of narcotics would be smuggled from tribal area towards down country in a Toyota Corolla Motor Car. In pursuance of the said information, the staff of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (Customs)-FBR, Peshawar held a secret naka near Chamkani G.T.Road, Peshawar. The suspected Toyota Corolla Motor Car bearing Registration No. LED-11-9569 was spotted coming from Peshawar side. It was signaled to stop but the driver, ignored the signal and sped away. After chase in the official vehicle for some distance, the driver of the vehicle abandoned the vehicle and managed to escape from the spot. The vehicle was searched on the spot by the staff of Drug Cell and found contraband (Heroin Powder) tactfully concealed in secret cavities, the vehicle. Thevehicle was then brought to the premises of the Directorate, Peshawar where thorough search led to the recovery of 12 Kgs Fine Heroin Powder (gross), which was seized alongwith carrier vehicle. The estimated value of the seized narcotics and vehicle is around Rs13.5 Million (Narcotics; Rs. 12 million and vehicle; Rs. 1.5 million). FIR has been lodged against un-known driver/persons and further investigation is underway.
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