KARACHI: R&D of MCC Appraisement East has submitted an incident report before the Court of Customs & Taxation, whereby it is informed that two persons dressed in lawyer’s uniform attacked the Customs staff, obstructed arrest of accused nominated in FIR and snatched mobile phone of an accused outside the court.

According to the incident report, Customs officials produced two accused persons namely Muhammad Waseem and Muhammad Akif before the Court and remand was graciously allowed accordingly. After obtaining remand from the Court, officials were coming out of the court when they spotted two persons namely Hammal Baloch and Fawad, who were required for investigation in the said FIR. The Customs officials accordingly detained both the persons, however, all of a sudden two persons who were in advocate’s uniform and one person who was in ordinary paint shirt approached them and hindered detention of the aforesaid persons.

The advocates attacked the Customs officials. Meanwhile, Hammal cleverly handed over his cell phone to the advocate. However, the Customs officials managed to bring two detainees from the scene to Customs House but the said advocate succeeded in running away with the cell phone of Hammal Baloch.

Customs authorities have tasked Principal Appraiser Dost Muhammad to identify the attackers with the help of CCTV and arrest them for further investigation.