KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has detected revenue evasion of Rs8.2 million, and booked several accused for evasion of duties and taxes through submission of fake and forged documents showing under-invoiced and suppressed transaction value of the imported goods.

Collector Saeed Akram had formed a team comprising Deputy collector Talha Salman, Principal Appraiser Dost Muhammad, Appraising Officers Muhammad Jawaid, Muhammad Aamir, Muhammad Bilal, Senior Preventive Officer Malak Hashim and Adil Rasheed and others to check revenue evasion through mis-declaration.

An importer imported a consignment of Hazelnut Spread (Nutella) and  Crisp Coconut Whole Almond Raffaele from Poland and sought clearance through their authorizes Customs clearing agents. They declared C&F value of the goods at $23,074 and uploaded invoice & packing list in support of their declaration besides determining their liability of payment of applicable duties & taxes. The consignment was processed by the concerned assessing officer on the basis of the importer’s declaration as well as uploaded documents in the light of the available evidential material.

Meanwhile, information was received in R&D Section (Intelligence Unit of MCC appraisement East) that the importer grossly mis-declared value of the imported goods submitting fake and fabricated import invoice and packing list with the intent to evade precious government revenue.

In pursuance of the information, a notice was served upon the concerned shipping agents requiring them to supply complete set of attested copies of the relevant documents including export GD of the impugned consignment filed at the port of loading in Poland.

The shipping agents M/s APL Pakistan Private Itd and CMA CGM Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd supplied attested copies of the relevant documents including Polish Customs Export documents and export invoices of the impugned consignment.

Scrutiny of the received Polish Customs Export documents revealed that actual transaction C&F value of the impugned goods is $103,328 as against $23,074 mis-declared by the importers & their clearing agents in their under reference import GD and supported with a fake import invoice.

An FIR was lodged and several accused were arrested. Customs have obtained one-day remand of the accused.