KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has issued guidelines to streamline clearance of import consignments and avoid delay in clearance due to assessment of the goods at higher values.

During a meeting held with Karachi Customs Agents Assocaition, it was pointed out the importers and clearing agents have to file 1st and 2nd Review in a number of those cases where Valuation Ruling exists but Appraising Officer assess the goods at a higher value. This arbitrary assessment is, however, mostly revised in accordance with the relevant Valuation Ruling by the concerned Assistant / Deputy Collector during 2nd review. The consignments cleared under green channel are stopped by the terminal operators at gate out stage to require documents mandatory for clearance in terms of conditions of Import Policy Order. In certain cases, due to incorrect feeding of document code in the system, the Terminal Operators refer the case to the concerned Assistant/Deputy Collector of the group to confirm as to whether or not a certain document is required. It has been informed that the concerned Assistant / Deputy Collector refer this matter to Principal Appraiser who forward the same to Appraising Officer of the group for initiating requisite NOC. This process takes a considerable time.

In order to avoid such undue delays on above accounts, the competent authority has directed that Assistant/Deputy Collectors of all assessment group shall forward a weekly statement to the respective Additional Collector, with a copy to the Collector, containing details of all such GDs where Appraising Officer had applied some random higher value despite presence of relevant valuation ruling and the assistant/deputy collector corrected and completed the assessment as per valuation ruling.

All assistant/deputy collectors of assessment groups are directed to provide NOC in respect of green GDs at their own level after consulting Import Policy Order, other legal requirements without referring the same to any lower level officials.