ASO Lahore recovers contrabands worth Rs70 million |

ASO Lahore recovers contrabands worth Rs70 million

KARACHI: The Anti-smuggling organization (ASO) Lahore has recovered a large quantity of contraband items worth Rs70 million from a warehouse inside Mochi gate and arrested two persons in this regard. In pursuance of a secret information that a huge quantity contraband items are clandestinely dumped in a godown situated inside Mochi Gate, Lahore and after completed all legal formalities, the staff of ASO raided the said godown. During the raid, on call of the owner of the godown, about 60 to 70 persons reached the spot and created hurdles in the operation including use of force, which resulted in minor injury to some official as well. The situation was communicated to the higher authorities. With beefed up deployment and coordinate police backup, the escalating violence was put down with an iron hand and the operation executed successfully resulting in the seizure. The seized goods include smuggled tobacco, gutka and cigarettes etc. Further investigations are underway.
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