Customs Intelligence books many for obstructing performance of official duties |

Customs Intelligence books many for obstructing performance of official duties

KARACHI: Customs Intelligence Karachi has booked Mohammad Parvez alias Waseem Tanoli, Imran Jaffar and several others for obstructing performance of official duties and snatching seized goods from Customs Intelligence staff.

Customs Intelligence & Investigation Karachi had received information that large quantity of smuggled mobile phones, I-pads and laptops are dumped at Sasi Arcade Block-7, Clifton. A team comprising Superintendent Ilyas Ahmed and Intelligence Officers Mohammad Sadiq, Anwar Fareed Faroqui, Ghulam Fareed, Aaqil Alam, Khayam Hussaini and others reached the spot.

One Imran Jaffar and other staff present at the premises could not provide legal import documents or evidence of legal possession of the goods in the office. Meanwhile, the office bearers of market association along with two dozen men reached the stop and start manhandling the officials .

The Customs officials managed to escape from the scene, while the inventory report and the smuggled goods at the premises were left there due to the law and order situation.

Tanoli is known for getting the dirty jobs done, which are otherwise not doable. Sources said Tanoli had connections with senior officers and his phone records are being obtained for further investigation. Smuggled mobile phones and laptops etc worth billions are dumped at various markets but whenever authorities take any action these trade associations create law and order situation.

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