TPL assists Customs in recovering hijacked container trailer

KARACHI: Customs authorities with the assistance of TPL Tracker Company recovered a hijacked consignment of Afghan transit trade and arrested one person. The driver of the said container trailer deviated from the prescribed route near Dera Ismail Khan, and the TPL Company instantly alerted the authorities.

According to details, a consignment which was being transported by M/s Al-Haj Enterprises to Afghanistan via Torkham. However, the trailer deviated from the route near Dera Ismail Khan and moved towards Taank area in KPK.

TPL Tracker Company tried to contact the driver of the vehicle to identify the reasons for switching the route, but the contact could not be established. Therefore, the tracking company alerted Customs authorities that the container trailer had switched the route.

Sources said that three persons had hijacked the vehicle and took the driver of the vehicle as hostage. Customs authorities with the assistance of TPL Tracker Company traced the vehicle and recovered it the same day at Taank in KPK. Authorities also arrested one hijacker identified as Ashfaq while two others are still at large.

The consignment comprised of large quantity of cloth, which was being transported to Afghanistan. The tracking company has been quite efficient and helped Customs recover containers in past.

An official said smuggling and pilferage of transit trade consignments was still going on but at a limited scale.

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