ASO Preventive recovers smuggled goods from Jodia Bazar

KARACHI: Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) OF MCC Preventive Karachi has recovered large quantity of smuggled goods including betelnut and gutka worth a Rs 17 million approximately.
According to details, information was received through Collector Preventive about the presence of smuggled goods at godowns in Jodia Bazaar.
Headed by Deputy Collector ASO Mohammed Faisal, the ASO staff raided two gowdowns at Jodia bazaar, Karachi and recovered 678 bags of betel nuts(assorted) 36,660 kgs worth Rs 9,018,360/- (C&F) approximately and in second successful raid in the same vicinity, recovered 108 pp bags of Gutka 486,000 pouches (972 kgs), 25 bags of betel nuts 2000 kgs, 143 dandas of cigarettes, 2 bundles of ladies cloth and 2 rolls of curtain cloth worth Rs. 7900,000/- C&F approx.
Total C&F value of seized smuggled goods/contraband items is to the tune of Rs. 16.9 million approximately.

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