KARACHI: MCC Quetta has foiled a bid of smuggling foreign origin goods in the garb of Zaireen (pilgrims) returning from Iran via Taftan.

Information was received through Collector Quetta Ashraf Ali regarding movement of smuggled goods through pilgrims’ buses coming from Iran via Taftan. Subsequently, a team headed by Deputy Collector Maqbool Baloch was formed to foil the attempt.

Accordingly, eight mobile squads of MCC Quetta assisted by local police raided buses after disembarkation of Zaireen at Marriabad Quetta, and after three hours long operation, seized 10 buses recovering miscellaneous smuggled goods including tyres, carpets crockery cumin (zeera), garments, PP bags, cooking oil and other edible items. The market value of the smuggled goods is more than Rs20 million and value of seized buses is around Rs2.35. million.

Collector Ashraf Ali has appreciated the team for this activity since it was one of the hardest assignments.

These elements are since long busy to take the shelter of Zaireen buses and continue their heinous work in the garb of zaireen buses.

The raiding team comprises of Superintendents Aslarn Khan, Inspectors Shahzad Akhtar, Naseer Shaheen, Ghulam Hussain Khoso, Muhammad Shabir Khan, Essa Khan, Ahmed Nawaz Zehri, Jarneel Kakar and staff hawaldars and sepoys.