CNS court adjourns case as IO absented

KARACHI: The Control of Narcotic Substances (CNS) headed by Ubaid Hamza adjourned hearing of a opium smuggling case till Sept 05 as Investigating Officer (IO) of the case was called absent.

The IO was ordered by the court to appear with the sample of the narcotics recovered from under trial accused namely Zameer Ahmed, Nawaz, Liaqaut.

According to prosecution, Pakistan Rangers during checking of a passenger bus coming from Mand Blu to Karachi detected a canister full of opium. The accused, drivers and a conductor of the bus were taken into custody and handed over to the Pakistan Customs who booked the accused and later challaned them before the CNS court.

The accused maintain in their defence that canister was booked by another person whose name and receipt was disclosed to the Rangers but instead of tracing and arresting the bookers, they were falsely implicated into the case.

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