KARACHI: The Finance Division (Regulations Wing) has notified for all ministries, divisions, departments etc to deposits all donation proceeds in the Supreme Court’s Dam Fund, which would solely be utilized for construction of Diamer Bhasha Dam and Mohmand Dam.

Supreme Court of Pakistan vide judgment dated July 04, 2018 passed in Constitutional Petition No. 57 of 2016 directed to establish a fund in the name of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Pakistan for collecting funds donated by the people of Pakistan for the construction of Diamar Basha and Mohmand Dams.

In pursuance of the above direction, Finance Division created a Fund and submitted proposals regarding deduction of salary etc. from government employees for consideration/approval of the Federal Cabinet.

The Cabinet in its meeting held on July 18, 2018 decided to donate two days salary of the officers and one day salary of the officials working in Ministries/Divisions/Departments/Attached Departments/ Authorities/Corporations/Companies/Financial/Institutions/ Commissions etc. working under the Federal Government.

The cabinet also approved donation of two days salary of the officers and one day salary of the Officials of the Armed Forces and Civilian Officers and Officials paid out from Defense Estimates; two days salary of Officers and one day salary of Officials holding post on contract as well as on lump sum pay package including Management Grades and ‘MP’ Scales and Officers/Officials locally recruited in our Foreign Missions.

Federal Cabinet also directed that the above decisions are with the stipulation that contribution would be voluntary in nature and anyone not willing to contribute may inform before deduction. The Federal Cabinet has also decided that the Caretaker Prime Minister and all Cabinet Members would contribute their one month’s basic salary towards the national cause. The amount of contribution shall not be included in the emoluments of the concerned officers/officials for calculation of income tax and deduction of the recovery of the House Rent Charges.

The Accounts of the Fund will be maintained, administered and operated by the Registrar Supreme Court under the direct supervision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.