KARACHI: MCC Hyderabad has foiled a bid to smuggle Irani diese, which was being transported in a LPG bowser from Quetta to Karachi and seized 50,000 liters of diesel and the bowser laden vehicle.

Information was received through Collector Hyderabad Khalid Hussain Jamali and Additional Collector Aamir Nawaz Hamid that attempt will be made to smuggle Iranian high speed diesel oil from Baluchistan to interior Sindh by a 16-wheeler Hino Truck loaded with gas bowser.

Deputy Collector Preventive Sukkur Kaleemullah Wagan constituted a team headed by Inspector Shah Mohammad Morio to foil the attempt. The staff deputed at Customs check post Jacobabad intimated that one vehicle had rashly crossed the checking point without complying with the signals to stop. Subsequently, the Customs staff intercepted the Hino truck loaded with a gas bowser, while the driver made good his escape.

Bowser was found filled with foreign origin smuggled diesel oil concealed inside the gas bowser. After fulfillment of all legal formalities, the vehicle along with the recovered foreign origin smuggled goods were taken into custody. The value of the diesel is estimated at Rs2.96 million while the vehicle along with the bowser is valued at Rs14 million.

This is the first time that Customs staff has foiled the attempt to smuggle foreign diesel, which was being transported in the LPG bowser.