Toy importers penalized for evading government revenue

KARACHI: Additional Collector Adjudication Dr. Sadia Sadaf has penalized certain cartel of toy importers for concealing the actual description of the goods to take an attempt for getting the goods assessed on suppressed values for evading government’s legitimate revenue.

As many as four order-in-original (ONOs) have been served on M/s Xing Enterprises and cumulative fine/penalty of Rs5.04 million has been imposed on M/s Zing Enterprises. Similarly, three ONOs have been served on M/s One Ten World and a cumulative fine/penalty of Rs3.79 million is imposed on M/s One Ten World.

These importers imported consignments declared to contain spares of body parts of plastic toys and determined liability of payment of applicable duties and taxes. In order to check as to whether the importers had correctly paid the legitimate amount of duties and taxes, the GD were selected for scrutiny and were referred to examination for confirmation of description, quantity and other physical attribute of the goods.

The shed staff reported that on the basis of examination report found description is incomplete ride-on car re-chargeable battery operated children amusement/activity car in SKD condition with remote control, USB sound system without wheels, against declared description of spares of body parts of plastic toys.

The importers mis-declared the description to avoid higher value of Valuation Ruling and attracting regulatory duty. The importers, thus, tried to evade the legitimate customs duty and regulatory duty in addition to higher rate of Valuation Ruling by mis-declaring the description of incomplete toys as spares for plastic toys.

These facts prove that the importers deliberately concealed the actual description of the goods to take an attempt for getting the goods assessed on suppressed value for evading legitimate amount of taxes.

After due process and detailed deliberation, Additional Collector Sadia Sadaf established the charges leveled against the importers and penalized them.

Chief Collector Appraisement South Abdul Rasheed Sheikh had alerted all the collectorates and dry ports as Pakistan Customs is tightening the noose around a particular cartel of toy importers, who have been inflicting huge revenue loss on to the national exchequer through evading government revenue through mis-declaration of description of the imported goods.

Sources said these importers represented by one Imran Molvi have been involved in blackmailing and pressurizing the officers/officials through the use of a weekly magazine and a third-rated news channel. They attempted to blackmail and character assassination of Additional Collector Yaseen Murtaza and Principal Appraisers Dost Mohammad, Noor Akbar Mahar, Khalid Umar and others. However, the customs did not succumb to these tactics.

It was also known that Molvi had secured several fake IDs, which are used for this purpose.

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