KARACHI: Justice Fasail Kamal Alam of High Court of Sindh on Tuesday ordered Collectorate of Clearance, Pakistan Customs to release a consignment of pistons imported from China on payment of differential amount of rupees 490,000.

The bench earlier heard a suit filed by an importer who challenged the detention of consignment first by Clearance Collectorate and later by the R & D of Pakistan Customs.

According to details importer filed a Goods Declaration and paid custom duty and taxes worth rupees 800,000. The Clearance Collectorate however stopped the release and re-assessed the same determining duty and taxes worth rupees 1,510,000.

The R&D of Pakistan Customs again stopped the consignment and imposed further tax, duty.

Today a counsel from Franklin Law Associates appearing in the suit said that plaintiff is ready to pay the duty and tax assessed for the third time but under challenge.

The bench allowing the request ordered plaintiff to pay differential amount of rupees 490,000 to Clearance Collectorate while ordering ADC, R&D to appear in person on July 10 and explain reason for detaining the consignment.