KARACHI: Directorate General of Customs Valuation has rejected a review petition filed by M/s Skill Glass and others seeking annulment of customs values of glass tubing determined vide Valuation Ruling No. 1199/2017.

The petitioners argued that the Valuation Department did not follow the valuation methods properly and also objected to the market inquiry conducted by the department and stated that the values determined vide impugned Valuation Ruling in respect of Glass Tubing do not reflect the prevalent market prices. They insisted on accepting their declared values as correct transaction value; however, no supportive documentary evidence was produced to substantiate their contention.

On the other hand, the departmental representative explained in detail the valuation methodologies adopted by them to arrive at the Customs values determined vide the impugned Valuation Ruling. In support of department’s contention, the departmental representative presented various details of the valuation exercise and working.

After listening to the detailed discussions/arguments and perusal of the case record; the Directorate General observed that the Valuation Department had duly taken the stakeholders on board at the time of issuance of Valuation Ruling No. 1199/2017.

The importers were given sufficient time and opportunity to give their inputs including documentary proof/evidence to substantiate their transaction value but they failed to provide any such proof or fact in support of their declared values, which were lower.

The Directorate General rejected the revision petition and upheld the values determined vide Valuation Ruling No.1199/2017.