KARACHI : A custom appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi and Justice Yousuf Ali Saeed on Thursday ordered de-blocking of User ID of petitioner company Hasnain Sons, clearing agent who challenged the blocking of User ID.

According to details, Shahzad Butt, an importer, filed a complaint with AD Licensing stating that bills by the clearing agent include “illegal payments” to the custom officials for processing the import documents at different stages. The complainant accusing clearing agent of claiming extra money prayed that his license be suspended.

AD, Licensing issued a notice to the clearing agent and recorded evidence. The complainant mean while withdrew the complaint but the respondent AD continued the proceedings and blocked the User ID of the petitioner.

A lawyer from Franklin Law Associates representing the petitioner submitted that complaint was frivolous in which which no one was named as accused. If the action was taken against clearing agent, action must have been taken against the custom officials who processed the Goods Declaration and other custom documents, the counsel for petitioner said adding that respondent acted beyond jurisdiction and blocking the User ID deprives the petitioner of livelihood.

He also submitted that there were no fake invoices, no refund claim and that above all the complaint has been withdrawn therefore the petition be allowed and respondents be directed to de-block the User ID. The bench allowing the petition ordered respondents to de-block the uder ID of the petitioner company.