Police starts seizing GP number vehicles under the use of officers

KARACHI: Police has started a crack down against government vehicles in the use of government officers claiming the GP number vehicles were being confiscated on the directives of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).
ECP has no jurisdiction on government officers, but Police is harassing civil servants in the name of ECP reportedly on the instructions of a hidden hand.
Customs had already surrendered luxury vehicles in its use. During the this unwarranted operation, an incident happened at the Netty Jetty bridge in Karachi wherein Collector Appraisement West Ashad Jawad was moving in a GP number Honda Civic but he was stopped by the police. Police insisted on confiscating the vehicle claiming it was the orders of ECP, then another vehicle was called for the Collector and several other officers also gathered on the spot.
An ASO vehicle was called, however Police tried to confiscate the vehicle in the use of Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) also, but their driver sped the car away carrying the officers.
There has been no order or notification but the police authorities are saying that the crack down was launched on the directives of Election Commission of Pakistan, which has not jurisdiction to call such a crack down.
Meanwhile, NAB Lahore has forwarded names of 32 officers associated with power sector in Punjab to be put in exit control list (ECL). It is anticipated that officers of other departments and ministries including Customs and IRS would also be put on ECL and proceedings would be initiated against them for corrupt practices.
Sources said 10 federal secretaries have left their offices and a large number of BS-21 and BS-20 have filed applications for ex-Pakistan leave on one pretext or the other. Managing Director PSO Sheikh Imran-ul-Haq also attempted to flee from Pakistan but his leave application was rejected.
Sources said certain officers who had been facilitating corruption have started contacting other officers to form a pressure group to save their skin. However, sources said in case of any agitation military could be called.

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