ASO Preventive Karachi seizes smuggled |

ASO Preventive Karachi seizes smuggled

KARACHI: ASO MCC (Preventive), Karachi through concerted efforts made another successful seizure of smuggled goods worth Rs.7.6 million and apprehended a smuggler. Information was passed through Chief Collector Manzoor Memon to Collector Dr.Iftikhar to the effect that a 40 feet container loaded with smuggled goods being unloaded at Lyari area. Deputy Collector Mohammad Faisal SPS Khalid Tabassum ASO MCC expeditiously intercepted the said container and after stiff resistance by smugglers seized over 23,000 kgs smuggled betel nuts & 7000 kgs dry fruit as well as tamarind etc. of Rs. 7.6 million and also apprehended one of the notorious smugglers. Investigations are underway. Additional Collector Amir Theim supervised the operation. Last five years, Customs was used for controlled smuggling and controlled misdeclaration through green channel. MCC Preventive detected misuse of green channel and unearthed clearance of betel nut, mobile phones and other goods through misdeclaration. Customs Intelligence network was destroyed in an organized manner and competent officers and officials were transferred. Only two senior customs officers were running the show and no other officers and officials were involved in the big game. Not only the checks were removed , traders found involved in fraud were favored and contravention report were withdrawn to protect their profile. It may mentioned here that at least one dry port in the country has always been used for misdeclaration, but this time the largest port of the country was used for misdeclaration. Moreover, the IDs of port control unit were closed and officials trained by UN were not allowed to monitor port activities. However, MCC Preventive despite all odds detected cases such as M/s BBJ Pipes, M/s Digicom, menthol paracetamol case port qasim, liquor smuggling through Al Hamd Container terminal, but contravention reports were withdrawn and they still enjoy green channel facility. Sources said lists had been prepared of bureaucracy and action would be taken during the interim setup. Sources said that the officers who remained on posts for abnormal terms in various ministries and departments would be investigated. Like Ahad Cheema, their names would be put on ECL. Sources said to protect themselves, these unscrupulous elements received bribes or their share of the wrongdoings abroad and many officers are known to be frequent travellers of UAE.
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