KARACHI: Air Freight Unit (AFU) of MCC Karachi Preventive has foiled a bid to smuggle miscellaneous goods in the garb of assorted magazines and printed material.

M/s. Paradise E-commerce Solutions, Karachi imported a consignment declared as magazines/printed material from M/s. Darlington Postal Company, USA by flight number EK-600.

The importer M/s. Paradise E-commerce Solutions Karachi got Delivery Order and Gate Pass duly issued by the ground handling agent M/s. Gerry’s Dnata. The aforesaid shipment was allowed Gate Out by M/s. Gerry’s Dnata and the Preventive staff posted at ICG Gate.

Meanwhile the Deputy Collector-ICG while inspecting Airline manifest along with invoices found a detailed invoice pertaining to instant shipment which revealed contents of the cargo. According to which the instant shipment was filled with items other than magazines/printed material. Upon this revelation the delivery of the instant shipment was halted on emergency basis and it was directed to shift back the delivered cargo lying outside ICG Delivery/Exit Gate to the safe custody of the ground handling agent M/s. Gerry’s Danata.

On physical inspection carried on it was observed that the instant shipment does not contain any magazine or printed material while actually contains highly dutiable goods such as Cosmetics, food supplements/Vitamins, Ladies Purses various other house hold and electronic goods. It is pertinent to mention here that one Heavy Duty 3D printer (which is importable on submission of NOC from Ministry of Interior as per IPO) is also found in the said shipment.

The offending value of the goods is Rs3.39 million involving evasion of duty and taxes of Rs2.85 million. A seizure report has been prepared for adjudication proceedings.

Additional Collector Sanaullah Abro, Deputy collector Shoib Raza, Principal Appraiser Sardar Amin Farooqui, appraising Officers Ashiq ali Memon and M. Akash Rajpar detected the case and seized the goods.