MCC Port Qasim reassigns work among officers

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has reassigned deputy/assistant collectors within the collectorate.

Deputy Collector Yawar Nawaz on joining will look after HQ/Admin, R&D (CIU), Group-IV, MIS/user IDS and revenue analysis.

Deputy Collector Mohmmad Qasim khokar on joining will look after Examination (QICT), ATLI and FTA Cell.

Deputy Collector Amjad Hussain Rajpar is assigned Group-I,II, recovery, refund & adjudication (AC/DC level), ADRC & bank guarantee cell.

Deputy Collector Amjad Aman is assigned Group-V, Bonds/warehousing, PRV & Audit (internal & external).

Assistant Collector Malik Mohammad Ahmed is assigned Group-VII, Law-I (court cases).

Assistant Collector Mohammad Adnan Khan is assigned One Customs/bulk (exam & proc), Preventive, Adjudication of cases pertaining baggage section.

Assistant Collector Mustafa Zamir is assigned Group-VI, FTO Cell & Departmental Representative (DR) in Appellate Tribunal.

Assistant Collector Tanveer Ahmed is assigned Group-III and Customs Lab. Assistant Collector Tariq Hussain is assigned Examination (QICT).

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