Investigation committee finds toy importers involved in revenue evasion

KARACHI: The committee, constituted by MCC Appraisement East to investigate and scrutinize the mega scam pertaining to toy imports, has submitted its report establishing that the cartel using M/s Xing Enterprises and M/s One Ten World etc, are involved in large scale revenue evasion.

Collector MCC Appraisement East Saeed Akram had formed a team comprising Principal Appraisers Dost Mohammad, Tawfiq Sheikh and Appraising Officer Saleem Qaimkhani to investigate the case.

The committee concluded that M/s Xing Enterprises and M/s One Ten World both have grossly mis-declared the goods in terms of description and PCT knowingly with the intention to evade legitimate amount of duty and taxes and have violated mandatory provisions of law. Moreover, the importers’ purported letters apparently bear fake and forged signatures.

Customs authorities have detected massive evasion of government revenue through mis-declaration of description and PCT headings by M/s Xing Enterprises and M/s One Ten World reportedly under the patronage of the senior most officer of Appraisement South.

These importers cleared battery operated ride-on bikes, cars, walkers, swings, ride on manual scooty, manual toys fidget spinner and wardrobe etc by mis-declaring their description in order to avoid Valuation Ruling No. 991/2016 and Valuation Ruling No. 955/2016 and regulatory duty.

One person identified as Imran Ali aka Molvi is the front man of this cartel who have been importing toys evading government revenue. Imran Ali appeared before the investigation committee and introduced himself as an employee of weekly Customs Today magazine.

Sources said these importers have been involved in blackmailing and pressurizing the officers/officials through the use of a weekly magazine and a third-rated news channel. They attempted to blackmail Additional Collector Yaseen Murtaza, Deputy Collector Athar Naveed, Principal Appraisers Shahid Rizvi, Khalid Umar, Dost Mohammad, Appraising Officer Rana Insaram Rabbani and several others.

An official said there were around five different magazines and newspapers which were distributed at Customs House Karachi free of cost and the only purpose of these magazines was to pressurize and blackmail the Customs staff. These magazines plunge to such low levels that they even resort to character assassination of the officers. An official said free distribution of all such magazines and newspapers should be banned forthwith.

During the course of investigation, it was known that Imran Ali aka Molvi purported himself as the true representative of M/s Xing Enterprises and M/s One Ten World and presented a letter issued by the importers authorizing him to represent the accused importers.

The committee has recommended that proper contravention reports should be forwarded to the concerned adjudicating authorities M/s Xing Enterprises, M/s one Ten World and Imran Ali aka Molvi for gross mis-declaration of the impugned goods and evading government’s legitimate revenue.

It is also recommended that an in-depth investigation should be made by R&D team with reference to fake IDs, misuse of WeBOC user IDs of both the under reference importers.

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