KARACHI: MCC Preventive Karachi has submitted its proposals to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for consideration for the upcoming Federal Budget, which is expected to be announced in the last week of April 2018.
MCC Preventive has proposed revision on the duty/tax structure on the import of certain products to promote local industry as well as misuse of disparity in tariff structure. It is proposed to impose regulatory duty of 16 percent on heat shrinkable sleeves and tubes (PCT 3917) in addition to 3.0 percent customs duty.
MCC Preventive has proposed to increase customs duty to 11 percent from existing 3.0 percent on the import of refractory bricks, blocks and tiles (PCT 6902). Moreover, customs duty is proposed to be increased to 20 percent from existing 3.0 percent on the import of printed labels of paper. Another sub-heading is necessary for auto relay as the same is missing in present tariff. As all auto parts in tariff attract 35 percent customs duty, hence this missing item will generate more revenue on custy duty.
Statutory rate of duty on glass parts for lights, other than chandeliers is 20 percent. Plastic and other such parts for all types of lights also attract 20 percent rate of duty while glass parts for chandeliers attract 11 percent rate of duty which should be rationalized to 20 percent also.
As far as Rules are concerned, MCC Preventive has proposed to add air cargo terminal in the definition of terminal as this would help in streamlining the operation of air cargo terminal.
The committee that prepared the proposals includes Collector Dr. Iftikhar, Additional Collectors Aamir Theim, Sanaullah Abro and Jameel Baloch, Deputy Collectors Mohammad Faisal, Shoib Raza, Akbar Jan and others.
Currently, only authorized importers/companies authorized to operate mobile telecommunication services are allowed to offer bids/tenders for purchase of confiscated mobile phones. However, the authorized importers/companies are hesitant to offer bids for these mobile phones being old models and outdated.
Huge quantity of such mobiles are therefore lying pending disposal. The audit authorities have made out paras on account of their non-disposal. Therefore it is proposed mobile phones and accessories ripe for disposal will be offered to the highest bidder by inviting sealed bids from persons subject to production of type approval certificate/NOC from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).