MCC Appraisement East reshuffle deputy/assistant collectors

MCC Appraisement East reshuffle deputy/assistant collectors

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has notified transfers and postings of deputy/assistant collectors with immediate effect and until further orders.

Deputy Collector Mohammad Ali Malik is moved from Headquarters; R&D; Group- V; External Audit; CPF; MIS-II to Headquarters; R&D; Group-V; External Audit ; CPF.

Deputy Collector Qasim Khokhar is moved from Group-VI; Law-I; FTO-1 to Group-VI; Law-I; FTO-1; MIS-II.

Deputy Collector Mohammad Rizwan is moved from Group-II; One Customs; Internal Audit; Securities Section; FTA Cell to Group-II; Internal Audit; FTA Cell.

Deputy Collector Sohaib Anwer Hashmi is moved from Recovery; Recovery Officer; Railways Dryport to Group-I; Laboratory; DTRE; Facilitation & Coordination Recovery; Recovery Officer, Railways Dryport.

Deputy Collector Syed Talha Salman is moved from Group-I; Adjudication (DC level); Warehousing; Laboratory; DTRE; Facilitation & Coordination to Group-VII; Adjudication (DC level); Warehousing.

Deputy Collector Mohammad Faizan Badar from Group-VII; Pre-Refund Audit; Secretary Classification Committee; DR for the cases before Chairman Appellate Tribunal to Examination & Auction at SAPT; Secretary Classification Committee.

Assistant Collector Mohammad Raza Naqvi is moved from Examination and Auction at PICT to One Customs; Securities Section; Pre-Refund Audit; DR for the cases before Chairman Appellate Tribunal.

Assistant Collector Mohammad Hamza Lak is moved from Examination & Auction at SAPT to Examination and Auction at PICT.

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