KARACHI: Police Station Preedy on the complaint of M/s Digicom Trading Pvt Ltd has lodged an FIR against certain accused for making the counterfeit copies of various models of mobile phones of Qmobile.

M/s Digicom in its complaint noted the illegal sale of counterfeited mobile phones is causing us loss of millions of rupees to the company.

The sale of Qmobile brands with their logo by other people is infringement of copyright conferred upon M/s Digicom under Copyright Ordinance 1962.

This is a criminal Offence under section 56,66 and 66 A of the Copyright Ordinance 1962 with imprisonment of 3 years after cognizance by magistrate of 1st Class under Section 72 of the Ordinance. This is cognizable offence under section 74 of the Ordinance in which Police can arrest without a warrant to wrongdoer or abettor of wrong act for the offence committed or likely to be committed.