KARACHI: Investigation & Prosecution Cell MCC Lahore has detected smuggling of betel nut in the garb of galvanized plain sheets through replacement of cargo during transshipment to the dry port, Lahore.

According to the details, M/s Ahmed Packages imported a consignment declared to be galvanized plain sheets from UAE and filed transshipment permit (TP) for dry port Lahore. I&P Lahore found the shipping seals on the containers in a very suspicious condition while the containers were also in poor/damaged condition.

A committee was formed comprising officials Javed Jafar, Zafarullah Niazi, Mohammad Yaqoob and Akmal Shahzad to examine the consignment. The examination found the goods to be galvanized steel sheets in coils without international packing.

Meanwhile, collector Lahore received the information that the importer had actually imported the betel nut and declared the same as galvanized plain sheets in GD. The betel nut was then replaced with galvanized steel sheets in coils during transit.

A case has been lodged against M/s Ahmed Packages, M/s Modern Shipping Agencies and others for defrauding the government and importing contraband goods.