KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has seized 22.5 tons of acetic anhydride, which was cleared through green channel by way of mis-declaration.

The goods had come from Poland and the consignee name was M/s Pak Traders. Chemicals for shampoo manufacturing were declared on the bill of lading.

Collector Port Qasim Chaudry Javed had information which was passed on to Additional Collector Yasin Murtaza and Deputy Collector Ahsan Shah, Principal Appraiser Shahid Rizvi and Appraising Officer Anwar Zeb pursued the case and seized the goods.

Sources said the chemical and other chemicals were being cleared through the green channel as the assessment staff had again been advised not to call documents for the clearance of consignments even for consignments.

According to the modus operandi, a consignment is ordered in the name of any company. The consignment is left unclaimed at the port. Later, the shipping company submits an amendment before the Deputy Collector changing the consignee name to a company having green channel profile for a fine of Rs10,000.

It is surprising that even after the amendment by the shipping company, the consignments are cleared through the green channel and there is no examination of such consignments.

Last month, a sensitive agency along with MCC Preventive examined the containers put up for auction on  misguided information.

However, the sources said everything including contraband were being cleared through the green channel as  the assessment had been weakened.