Smuggling of mobile phones: MCC Quetta expands ambit of investigation

KARACHI: MCC Quetta has expanded the ambit of investigation into the smuggling of mobile phones concealed in the secret compartments of a trailer, as it is known that a number of trailers had similar secret compartments being used to smuggle goods.
Collector Ashraf Ali has appointed Pride of Performace winner officer Inspector Hayatullah as the investigation in-charge of the case.
MCC Quetta seized a large number of smuggled mobile phones, which were hidden in the secret compartment in the trailer under the container. The vehicle No. TLE-271 is registered with bonded carrier M/s E-Movers.
Collector MCC Quetta Ashraf Ali had the information that attempt would be made to smuggle mobile phones into the country. The information was passed to Deputy Collector Maqbool Ahmed who along with Superintendents Saeed Ahmed Baloch, G.S Mangrio, Inspector Qurban hussain intercepted the said vehicle.
The container was removed with the help of a crane and secret compartments were discovered in the truck. These secret compartments were filled with mobile phones and batteries worth Rs1.43 million.
The driver of the said vehicle had been arrested and now sent to jail custody while owner of the vehicle and bonded carrier M/s E-Movers are included in the investigation. Moreover, Customs is contacting broker Jamal and clearing agent Ali Khan to further the investigations.
An official said the tracking company had also been contacted to obtain the travel/movement logs of the said vehicle.
An official informed that Collector Ashraf Ali was preparing a proposal to FBR that vehicles going to and coming back from Afghanistan should be physically inspected. Preventive staff are alerted to keep vigil on vehicles carrying empty containers coming back from Afghanistan.
Sources said that a large number of trailers had concealed compartments and once the container was mounted it was impossible notice such compartments. Goods such as mobile phones, batteries and contraband etc are smuggled in these trailers purpose-made for smuggling.

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