KARACHI: MCC Quetta ha seized a large number of smuggled mobile phones, which were hidden in the secret compartment in the trailer under the container. The vehicle No. TLE-271 is registered with bonded carrier M/s E-Movers.

Collector MCC Quetta Ashraf Ali had the information that attempt would be made to smuggle mobile phones into the country. The information was passed to Deputy Collector Maqbool Ahmed who along with Superintendents Saeed Ahmed Baloch, G.S Mangrio, Inspector Qurban hussain intercepted the said vehicle.

The container was removed with the help of a crane and secret compartments were discovered in the truck. These secret compartments were filled with mobile phones and batteries worth Rs1.43 million.

The vehicle was registered in the name of M/s E-Movers; it went to Afghanistan and was returning from Afghanistan loaded with mobile phones. FIR is lodged against the driver and owner of the vehicle while the driver has been arrested. Sources said that M/s E-movers would also be made part of the FIR and investigation would be carried out against them.

It may be mentioned here that Customs Appraisement South has been patronizing since long and the wrong doings of M/s E-Movers were covered up by the customs itself, because owner of M/s E-Movers Mansoor Sheikh is the brother of Chief Collector Abdul Rasheed Sheikh.

Sources said M/s E-Movers had been involved in a number of scams including the replacement of transshipment cargo. Sources added their involvement should be investigated and details of their registered vehicles can be taken from MCC Appraisement West. These vehicles can be inspected as according to sources these vehicles are purpose-made for smuggling.

An official said serious irregularities were going on in Customs Appraisement South and Directorate General of Customs Intelligence and despite several scams coming to the surface and evidence appearing on record, no action has been taken against the responsible officers of Customs Appraisement south and Directorate General of Customs Intelligence, which suggests that some very powerful quarters either in the government or otherwise are patronizing this dirt business that has caused huge irreparable loss to the national exchequer.

Sources said that the irregularities were on for the last over two years and the situation would continue to be the same until the general elections.