SHC suspends tribunal’s order, fixes Feb 20 for final disposal of auto rickshaw parts case

KARACHI: A Customs Appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) comprising Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Mrs Ashraf Jahan on Monday suspended an order passed by Special Customs Appellate Tribunal while allowing request by counsel for Pakistan Customs.

Ghulam Haider Shaikh appearing for the department maintained that if order of the tribunal was implemented, government would loose custom duty and other taxes.

He denied the claim by the importer that auto parts are purchased locally and said the document of purchase from local party is available.

The counsel for importer/petitioner challenging confiscation maintains that the auto parts are a local purchase hence ASO has no legal authority to confiscate the goods.

The bench however suspending order of the Customs Appellate bench fixed Feb 20 for final disposal of the case.

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