KARACHI: Chief Justice held hearing in the suo moto case of harmful, hormone infested milk on Sunday and ordered to remove the tetra-pack milk from the markets. He also ordered to confiscate hormonal injections that are administered to the animals.

Chief Justice noted that most of the tetra-pack milk available in the market was not at all dairy product. Chief justice said even the leading brands were selling sub-standard and harmful product.

Civil administration in Karachi has turned a deaf year on Chief Justice’ orders and dairy farmers at Bhains colony and Bilal Colony Korangi have hoarded the hormonal injections. Moreover, these harmful hormonal injections are also being sold at medical stores at Bhains Colony and Bilal colony, Korangi.

However, these injections are being sold on exorbitant rates. Somatec and Bostan which were sold at Rs700 and now these are being sold at Rs1500 each. While Oxytocin is being sold at Rs100 each. A dairy farmer said any dairy farm could be raided at dawn to find use of these hormonal injections.

Farmers said without the oxytocin, they would have to keep the calf to get the milk from the animal, which increased the costs. Farmers are of the view, that the production would decline significantly and to meet the milk demand, there would be huge influx of synthetic milk made from even more harmful chemicals.

These hormones are banned in the EU, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and even India though it is still in use in the US where hormone-treated products are labeled and priced lower than organic products.

In Pakistan, the hormone had been in use for the past many years and its recent ban will cause a significant drop in the production of fresh unpasteurized milk.

Masses have appreciated this move of Chief Justice as this would lead to a healthier future generation.