KARACHI: MCC Appraisement West has notified postings and transfers of appraising offers with immediate effect and till further orders.

Imran Khan, Rooh ul Amin,  Junaid Hashmat  Waqar Khan,  Sayed Ansar Hussain, Sayyad Amir Raza, Wasiullah and  Muhammad Riaz are posted at KICT upon joining.

Zia ur Rehman and Muhammad Atif Fawad are posted at Bay West on joining while Ali Razi is moved to Bay West from Group-VI.

Noor Qasim Khan  and Adeel Shahab are posted at AICT on joining. Adnan Zawar  will join BOML, Muhammad Imran Umar will join Group-I, Akhtar Abbas will join Group-II/R&D,  Ali Nawaz Khan will join Group-II,  Ashraf  Hussain will join Group-III/BG Cel while ZakaUllah is transferred to Group IV/PRV from PRV.

Prithvi Suresh Mulani and Imran Aslam are posted at Group-IV on joining, Tausif Ahmed, Babar Raza Khan and Ziafatullah are posted at Group-VI on joining. Zeeshan Qamar, Aksh Khubchand and Faiz Ahmed Faiz are posted at Group-VII on joining while Hamza Rauf Chishti will join Group-VII/Law.

Abdul Aziz (QD) is posted at Group-VIII/PRV from PRV Section, Zabeer Ashraf will join Group-VIII while Shahid Mushtaq is transferred from Group-I to Recovery section.